Poetry winner follows in Wordsworth’s footsteps

As the deadline nears for this year’s Wordsworth award for young poets, it’s good to have news of a previous winner.

The student who won the first Rydal Mount Wordsworth poetry competition is now studying at Cambridge, at the same college that William Wordsworth attended.

Will Crisp from Windermere, and a former pupil of the Lakes School, is studying modern and medieval languages at St John’s College, Cambridge. Wordsworth graduated from St John’s in 1791 with a BA degree.

will crisp

In 2013 Will was the winner of the inaugural poetry competition for young people which has since become an annual event, and which is judged each year by members of the Wordsworth family, descendants of the poet.

His poem, Scrap of Iron, was considered by the judges to be outstanding and showed great maturity.

Christopher Wordsworth, the great great great great grandson of the poet and one of the judges each year, said: “It is always good to hear the progress of our young poets, and it is a delightful chance that Will is studying at St John’s.”

He added: “We hope others who have entered the contest in the past will keep in touch and let us know what they are doing now.”

Students at Cumbrian schools who wish to enter this year’s contest must read https://rydalmount.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/extra-cash-prize-for-poetry-winner/


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