Youngest-ever winner of Wordsworth poetry prize

A nine year old pupil at Ambleside Primary School is the youngest ever winner of the Rydal Mount Wordsworth prize for young poets.

Rowan Ashworth took the title when his poem, Wild is a child, was judged the best from almost 200 entries from all over Cumbria.

The fifth annual award, judged by descendants of the poet William Wordsworth, carried an extra cash prize this year of £100.

Rowan also collected a trophy, and his poem will be displayed in the drawing room at Rydal Mount where Wordsworth created much of his epic work.

The poet’s great great great great grandson, Christopher Wordsworth, who was one of the judges, presented the awards at a special ceremony at Rydal Mount near Ambleside.

even better.jpg

He said: “My family was so encouraged by the growing number of schools and entries coming in for this competition, which is now in its fifth year. The standard of entries is improving across all age groups and the winner’s poem this year made all of us burst out laughing. We look forward to continuing this event for many years to come.”

Category winners were Harriet Rush (11 and under) from Windermere School, and Connor O’Hara, 15, who is home schooled. Among those highly commended was the youngest ever entrant, seven year old Terry Wood, also from Ambleside Primary School.

Read Rowan’s winning poem here:

Wild is a child who stays out until dark

Wild is the child that lights fire with bark

Wild is a child with mud on their knees

Wild is the child who climbs up in the trees

 Wild is a child a long way from home

Wild is the child with no need for a comb

Wild is a child who wipes their bum with a leaf

Wild is the child who uses a stick to brush their teeth.

 Wild is a child who sleeps under the stars

Wild is the child who keeps tadpoles in jars

Wild is a child who fell out of a tree

Wild is the child with their own parking space at A&E

 Wild is a child that I would like to be.       


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