A special guest visits the Wordsworths

Award-winning actor Brian Cox came for dinner with the Wordsworths at Rydal Mount.

Emmy-award-winning Cox, best known for his roles in the Bourne series and most recently as General Mikhail Kutuzov in the BBC’s War and Peace, was in the Lakes to attend a special screening of his latest film, The Carer, at Zeffirellis in Ambleside.

He  had dinner with members of the Wordsworth family at nearby Rydal Mount. One of the film’s producers, Charlotte Wontner, is the great great great great grand-daughter of William Wordsworth who lived at Rydal Mount.

“It was a memorable evening,” said Rydal Mount curator Peter Elkington, who hosted the dinner. “The creative spirit of William Wordsworth had brought together this group of very talented people.”

brian cox in THE chair

Brian Cox sits in William Wordsworth’s chair in the drawing room at Rydal Mount

brian cox with chris and lottie

Brian Cox with Christopher Wordsworth and Charlotte Wontner, descendants of the poet, in the grounds of Rydal Mount

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