Wordsworth is still among us

It’s always a delight when we learn of the impact that Wordsworth and his beautiful home here can have on our visitors.

One in particular took the time to write to us after a recent visit..and to send a photo of himself enjoying the garden and the view.

french professor

He is Michel Barrucand,  an admirer of Wordsworth and a retired professor of English literature at a French University.

He wrote to tell us how much he enjoyed visiting the place and musing in the garden: “It was a gorgeous time for me to sit on the bench and read some poems with the lake in view.”

He told us that he was currently reading from Wordsworth’s many letters, and highlighted a few sentences from a letter sent to Wordsworth by William Boxall, August 29 1836: “… You have here a knot of true & sincere worshippers … I verily believe there is no book but the Bible that is to them so full of inspiration. You would be delighted to see the beautiful appreciation with which they read you & I believe nothing short of a pilgrimage to Rydal Mount will suffice them that they may themselves tell you how much gratitude they feel towards you – I envy you, my dear Sir; & yet with what pleasure I tell you that your words & thoughts live so cherished in their “heart of hearts” – Can any poet wish for more than to feel that he has thus created happiness –“

“As a modest reader and scholar of romantic poetry, I exactly felt what is said in the letter when I visited this beautiful place,” Michel wrote to us. “And I walked out of Rydal Mount full of happiness and gratitude.”

He also thanked our gardeners, Helen and Pauline, and urged them: “Please, keep the place as enjoyable as I discovered it. It’s one way to say to the world that Wordsworth is still among us.”

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