Young poets in the footsteps of Wordsworth: 7

Tomorrow we  launch our annual poetry competition for young people in Cumbria. All in Cumbria schools, primary and secondary, can enter, and if you want to start planning now, the theme this year is Milestones.

Meanwhile, we want to remind you about our previous winners, so each day for a week we’ve been publishing the ones that won our judges’ hearts in the past. This was last year’s victor, 11 year old Noa Calman from Grasmere primary school.



New Beginnings

a coffin

lying still


across the world

a letter is flown

friends and family


while I stare

stare into the sky


whispering my last goodbye

and as if in answer

to my call

a voice I knew

a voice I knew well


while people want

to be your sun

that burns

burns through

your day

I will

be your moon

that shines

shines through

your darkest


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