Stamps to celebrate Wordsworth anniversary

Royal Mail is launching 10 new special stamps on the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Wordsworth, who was born on 7th April 1770.

They feature Wordsworth himself and other major Romantic poets: William Blake; John Keats; Lord Byron; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Mary Robinson; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Walter Scott; John Clare; and Letitia Elizabeth Landon.

Each stamp uses an extract from one of their most popular and enduring works, along with a specially-commissioned illustration by Linda Farquharson that reflects the theme of the poem.

wordsworthy stamp

Said Christopher Wordsworth Andrew, the poet’s great great great great grandson: “We are hoping these stamps strike a chord with people at this time. It’s another wonderful tribute to the life and work of William Wordsworth and enables us to mark the occasion even though we have had to curtail other celebrations.”

The Wordsworth family had been due to gather at Rydal Mount this week to mark the anniversary. Instead, they are releasing videos and audio recordings of several family members, friends and other poets reading their favourite Wordsworth poems.

The range of stamps can be seen at


The Rainbow

My heart leaps up when I behold 
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began; 
So is it now I am a man; 
So be it when I shall grow old, 
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

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