In the footsteps of Wordsworth

The first ever poet-in-residence since the time of Wordsworth himself completed a successful week staying at Rydal Mount.

Kieron Winn spent the time writing, reading, giving a recital of his own poetry, and exploring the Lakes in the footsteps of Wordsworth. That included an ascent of Helvellyn on the summer solstice.

A great admirer of Wordsworth, Kieron has won many poetry awards and accolades and his poetry has been published in many magazines, including The London Magazine, New Statesman, Oxford Magazine, The Spectator and The Times Literary Supplement.

Selections of his poems also appear in anthologies and he has read his poems on BBC TV and radio.

The Mortal Man, Kieron’s first book of poetry was published in 2015 and Melvyn Bragg said of it: “I have had much pleasure reading the poems. There is a real talent for binding centuries together and there are additions to the great Lake District tradition.”

Kieron and his wife Amanda on Helvellyn

Kieron said: “I first visited Rydal Mount in 1987 with my parents, and have made several pilgrimages over the years. I could never have imagined that I’d live there for a week, see the moon from Wordsworth’s attic study, or, most unlikely of all, be allowed to try on his top hat.”

Photo: Amanda Holton

The residency gave him the opportunity to experience life as William Wordsworth had done. “Wordsworth is associated with solitude, but was at the centre of a busy household. I now know what it’s like to live at Rydal Mount when quite a few people are about, including another Mr Wordsworth, the curators and visitors, and that made me feel closer to my favourite poet in his very comfortable house.

“Why is he my favourite? Because he’s so salutary and sensible, with his greatness evident and his human flaws visible. My wife and I had a richly happy week, which we will always remember along with the kindness of the curators Emily and Matt and the Wordsworth family, to whom we express our deep thanks.”

Kieron’s collection of poems, The Mortal Man, is available here:

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