3 thoughts on “Come and work with us

  1. I am Jamie (Johnston) Carter. I am using my Father’s Computer. I refer to your Tea Room posts. I am interested very much so, and am very qualified due to what I have done in the past, and dad is very committed to Rydal Mount, even Voluntarily and would assist me where necessary.  My dad married at Rydal, and I was there, obviously, and you MAY  know him through his many Emails, and the fact that he is a Jazz Saxophonist, and the fact that he may have been the fist person to have Jazz played at a wedding within Rydal mount. Chris told me that he had written to you in response to B/B’s which he told me you were introducing.  Mum and Dad stayed with Rydal Hall in the past, lastly, 2018, for dad was ill in 2019, and due to C19, they did not come up to Cumbria in 2020 and 2021. I said to parents that I would re-locate to Cumbria with them, something that they used to talk to  Marion and Peter about. I currently live with parents. I did some Landscape Garden design, though I am no “PETER”, realizing they left 3 years ago. I am currently in the service industry and I am a qualified Baker. I have a child aged 5,  I am 38. Marion and Peter knew mum and dad. very well. You therefore will not know that Dad was a Jazz Saxophonist/Payroll manager and Sub Post office Manager for years. Mum is retired now, and dad Semi so. Dad has been trying to re-locate for 13 years to Cumbria, and in fact had tea twice with Marion, returning to “RM”. At one time Marion said to dad, “Hi Chris you are a blast from the past”. Should you be interested in my assistance could you call me?  Dad communicated with Zefirrellis, as staff there, had suggested him working for Mrs smith, the MD there, what with his Accounting, Payroll,  etc, etc. I know he  wrote informally to Mrs Dorothy Smith, and is expecting therefore a letter. Dad is currently doing a research Degree with Liverpool, I think it is an M.Phil;  by distance learning. I  think in Sociology, for as I write parents are away for a few days with my Uncle Rick. (Richard Carter).  Dad was thinking about teaching in FE at Kendal College, but I know he has not formally applied. I am sure, he is back  Friday, that he would drive me up to see you. Perhaps he/we may be able to stay at “RH”. Our wedding was administered too there by   Carol Senior who no longer works there, for we came up to a couple of meetings with Carol at Rydal Church, years after our wedding.  Jamie. 01246391761. 


  2. Hi im 52 years old.i have worked in pubs i was a manager in my own pub for 6 years so have lots of experience with customer servive.i am currently working at kendal paints as a delivey driver/shop assistant but need another challenge in my life.as a manager in the pub trade i had to organise rotas wages ect so feel as this would be a job for me.please concider me for this position thank you.andy


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